Applied Terminology


Business Development

In General Business Development refers to bringing new ideas into a company, developing new markets geographically and regarding new products and services. Moreover it also includes the development of strategic alliances, the invention of new business models and to generate long term partnerships and/or relations with suppliers and customers. It also contains the acquisition. In the US it rather refers to the vending of more complex solutions, whereas sales refers to the vending of standardized non-complex goods and services.


The vision of a company is a forecast and/or prediction of the status of a company in the future. Thus one may say it is “a realistic dream” of where the company will be at a specific point of time.


Strategy is a long-term plan in achieving the long term goal of a company also stated within the Vision (statement). Strategy is a process describing the company’s overall plan of development. Strategy is knowledge based and it defines processes and milestones.

Localised Market Communication

LMC – Localised Market Communication stands for successful, goal oriented communication services addressing the right target groups. Thus it is a combination of Strategy, Language, Content and Design enabling state of the art communication meeting the local needs and requirements.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketng (SMM) represents the usage of different tools, techniques and activities which a company may utilize buy its presence on  social media sites and/or platforms in the manner to create communities, buld relationships or two-way conversations between users and brands, products, services and companies. SMM is a component of Internet Marketing.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Responsive web design (RWD) as applied method of the development process of a website automatically facilitates the adaptation of a website and its different parts to various device screen sizes such as mobile, tablet and desktop.

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

Web Content Management System (WCMS) refers to a software publishing system whereas users can easily create and publish content on their website. One of the most used publishing software is WordPress.


WordPress it’s an open source web content management system widely uses as a publishing and managing tool of website’s content.


The European Standard for translation services EN 15038 defines locale as the linguistic, cultural, technical and geographical conventions of a target audience.


The process of adapting a translation of software applications, technical descriptions, operating instructions, manuals and the like for the target group’s local market.

Translation Agency

A translation agency is a company that offers translation services and other related services such as revision, technical writing, etc. In many cases, they also offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. The advantage of a translation agency is that it offers translations in many languages. Thus a customer who wishes to have a brochure translated into ten languages, for example, only has to deal with one contact and saves themselves the laborious search for ten translators. The translation agency carries out the entire project management. Another advantage is that translation agencies have several translators for each language pair, which is especially important during holiday periods or for large projects.