LMC has an alliance of internal and associated partners that forms a network of companies dedicated to developing and providing the best solutions and/or components within Localised Market Communication. LMC is constantly looking for its network to grow and therefore intends to expand into domestic and international markets within Europe building bridges and partnerships with local partners.

DBP Demuth Business Partner GmbH, also referred to as “DBP”, is a management consulting company specialized in Business Development, Turn Around Management and Compliance. It‘s  partners are providing services internationally including the provision of temporary management.
css For translation and interpretation services of any kind we rely on the Connect Sprachenservice  GmbH, a solutions-oriented B2B company with numerous and well-known customers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Benelux region.In compliance with the strict rules of the ISO standard 17100 for translation services, the company offers its services in the areas of technology, legal, tourism, websites/webshops etc.


The Vienna-based consulting company wengermayer business consulting, also referred to as “wbc”, offers its services in the areas of business development with sales, marketing and public relations as well as human resources with recruitment and personnel development.
btsaf BTS Art Factory DOO, also referred to as “BTSAF” is a creative marketing agency specialized in web and graphic design, photography, video and internet marketing services. BTSAF successfully cooperates with businesses from the domestic and international market.
TW TIMEWARP is an IT and Consulting company, which is a pioneer in the field of Hybrid Cloud services. The company provides a wide range of services, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) including Hosting and Housing. Moreover the company is one of the rare Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Provider worldwide, able to offer a combination of own applications and Microsoft standardized cloud services.