Who does not know this classical situation?

Attending an event, getting into conversation with new people and being asked: “and, what are you doing professionally!”
Now you have to respond as short yet memorable that your counterpart does not turn away broadly but asks for additional information.

Presenting the key message via Elevator Pitch

The task is challenging. While intending to place all important stuff at a time you risk to kill your counterpart by overload.
The trick is to strip out the mass of information over and over again so selectively that a 30-second “presentation” is left over and the core message remains.

The result will be a so-called “elevator pitch“, a presentation that can be done in the short time of an elevator ride.

Our services include

Together with our client we develop within a half-day workshop the core message of the company and – based on that – the elevator pitch which will be internalized in the concluding implementation training.

Price: EUR 499,00 excl. VAT

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